Repairs and Setups price Guide

The following prices are for labour only, and do not include parts or materials  unless otherwise stated.


String Change (standard), includes fret polish and fretboard clean.

Classical, Acoustic, Electric, Bass $60

Electric (Floyd rose bridge) or 12 string $75

Guitar Setups

Setup tasks will vary depending on the guitar and will include some or all of the following: nut and saddle adjustment, fretboard clean, oil & polish, truss rod adjustment, intonation adjustment, string break angle adjustment, re-string, cleaning of potentiometers, switches and output jack and pickup height adjustment.

Acoustic / Classical $90

Electric solid body and Bass guitar $120

Complex setup (Floyd Rose,12 string) $150

Fret Levelling

In addition to a setup, guitars often need a fret level in order to improve playability and minimise string buzz, particularly when a low action is required.

Cost of a full fret level, re-crown and polish is $150. If your guitar only requires a partial fret level ( or two frets only) this can be done at a reduced cost, however please note that fret levelling is an additional cost to setting up your guitar.


Pickup swap (doesn’t include pickup/s)

Single: $110, two pickups $160

Install potentiometers

Single: $50, two: $90, three: $140

Install output jack: $60

Install passive pickup (e.g. K&K 3 spot mini) in acoustic/Classical guitar $150

Install active pickup in acoustic/Classical guitar – price on assessment


Refret: Quoted on assessment, typically $400 – $570, includes full setup.

Acoustic/Classical bridge repair/replacement: Quoted on assessment, typically $160 – $320

Fix broken headstock (simple repair) $220

Fix broken headstock (complex repair) price on assessment

Repair cracked soundboard $75 – $200

Replace soundboard – price on assessment

Repair damage to finish (scratches, dings etc) – price on assessment

Replace machine heads $85 + cost of new machine heads

Install a new fretboard including new frets and setup $950 –  $1050 (includes supply of new fretboard & frets)

Taper fretboard (to correct action) $300

Fit a fretboard wedge (to correct action) $350

Scallop a fretboard $350

Re-profile a neck and re-finish $450

Full Restoration

Services include fully restoring your stringed instrument to ‘as new’ state, and can include removing the old finish, repairing all damage (cracks, dings, breaks etc), replacing any broken or damaged parts and then refinishing as appropriate in shellac, nitrocellulose lacquer or acrylic lacquer in the colour and gloss level of your choice. Alternatively if you don’t want an ‘as new’ appearance we can restore your instrument to keep the aged look and patina that you may require. Cost will vary considerably depending on the current state of your instrument and what you would like to achieve, and will be provided on assessment.

CNC Work

CNC work is provided on a time and materials basis, and includes a range of services such as acoustic and classical bridge manufacture, solid guitar body shaping and pocketing, fretboard shaping and slotting (including compound radius), guitar template manufacture, and guitar inlay work.

In addition, we can do a wide range of other jobs such as furniture parts, decorative inlays, signs etc.