Guitar Setups

Sydney Guitar Setups

To get the very best out of your guitar, it’s important that it’s set up correctly. This means the action, string height at the nut,  neck relief, string break angle and intonation are all optimised so you can get the very best performance out of your guitar in terms of playability and tuneability.

Guitar Setups

Setup tasks can vary considerably depending on what your guitar requires. We’ll  inspect your guitar, take some key measurements and let you know what’s required prior to making any adjustments.

As a general guide, setups can include: action adjustment, fret polish, fretboard clean, oil & polish, neck relief adjustment, intonation adjustment, checking & cleaning of electronics and pickup height adjustment.

General turnaround for setups is 1 week. If you require an urgent service please let us know and we will see what we can do.

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